Shadow's Kiss

by T. M. Hart


She is his only chance for happiness. He is her only chance for survival. They must overcome their differences if there is to be a future for either. Violet Archer wakes in a strange cabin amidst a violent storm only to have her host, tall and powerful Elijah Stone, make an attempt on her life. Yet a cataclysmic bond, neither can deny, stays Elijah's hand. Although Violet escapes certain death, there is just one problem: she cannot recall any memories prior to waking at Elijah's cabin. Radiants, immortals of the light, have been warring with their enemies, the Shadows, for eons. Now Violet and Elijah must work together to not only restore Violet but, indeed, to save the entire Radiant race. All the while a dark and malevolent being is hunting them- the Shadow Prince himself.

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It's a good book and has a nice plot, but there is too much missing information

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