Shadow's Touch

by T. M. Hart


Violet Archer has spent her life fighting Shadows. Now she's married to their prince. There's just one problem for the Dark Lord... His new bride is plotting to kill him.Shadows have been attacking Radiants for millennia. They creep through the streets at night and take innocent lives, feeding from a Radiant's Light. Yet Violet is out there in the dark, fighting with an elite team to eliminate the guerrilla attacks and keep her people safe. While she's good at what she does, it isn't enough. So when the opportunity to do something more arises, Violet takes it. But now she finds herself at the dark and dreary Shadow Court. And she slowly realizes that nothing is as she thought. While her mysterious host evades her, she finds herself unable to fight a supernatural pull she has to him. And the more time that passes at the Dark Manor, the more they find they need one another. After all . . . their lives depend on it. Blending the best of both paranormal romance and urban fantasy, Shadow's Touch is a dark and steamy adventure full of twists and turns that will leave you wanting more!

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