South of Reality

by A.I. Alexen


One beautiful summer evening, a suave, smooth-talking cat moves in with the Morgan family. The Morgans fall in love with him and call him "Tuxedo." The Morgans' dogs, however, take a strong dislike and call him trouble!

Hotheaded, honorable Peyson and would-be-psychologist Arky interrogate him, investigate him, and all around irritate him until they discover his secret mission. To their surprise, the reason behind his arrival strikes a chord that awakens the champions within them and compels them to lend a helping paw. But with one condition: while Tuxedo had been content using underhanded means, the dogs insist that the mission must be accomplished “the honest way.”

Never could they have foreseen what lay ahead—midnight chases in the forest, struggles against a hostile rat takeover, deals with a malicious rooster, and much more. It’s a race against time in which they either succeed in helping Tuxedo—or fail spectacularly and break the all-important animal code of secrecy!

A fun read for all ages!

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