Space Science Cover-Ups

by Jonathon Ray Spinney


In this new colour presentation Jonathon Ray chronicles 60 years of true space science findings by both leading astronomers and NASA. The truth is that there is evidence all over our solar system that we are not alone and that humans may have origins on other planets. Gathered from 20 years of research and photographs, the information presented here just may change how you view human existence and purpose forever. Space science information and discoveries must always be presented truthfully and unedited to the general public. The advancement of the human species is at stake. If in fact our national or international space exploration programs find evidence that there are alien races living in our solar system -- past or present, then it is critical that this information be shared not only with the scientific community but with the entire general public. Advancements in distant space travel, alternative energy, environmental protection and universal understandings are at stake.

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