Surprises around the Bend: 50 Adventurous Walkers

by Richard A. Hasler


Many of the most creative men and women in history have been ardent walkers, says Richard Hasler, and many of those same people affirm that a particular walk was a serendipitous experience, resulting in personal transformation.

Surprises around the Bend shares the stories of some of these famous women and men who, while walking, had dramatic experiences that altered the course of their lives. These brief yet telling stories are filled with unusual and interesting details that encourage and challenge young and old to emulate these companions by creating their own personal walking programs with the quiet expectation of meeting surprises around the bend and experiencing physical, mental, and spiritual renewal.

Grouped into categories of Physicians and Naturalists, Poets and Novelists, Politicians and Teachers, Pilgrims and Seekers, Prophets and Reformers, included among the famous walkers are Francis of Assisi, John Bunyan, Mother Teresa, Thomas Merton, Peace Pilgrim, Toyohiko Kagawa, Martin Luther King, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Aimed at helping readers live well in body, mind, and spirit, Surprises around the Bend includes simple walking tips, prayers, a guide to prayer walking, and scripture readings.

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