Sweet Little Lies

by Caz Frear


An Amazon Best Book of August 2018: In 1998 a girl called Maryanne disappears on the West coast of Ireland. Twenty years later, a woman called Alice turns up murdered in Islington. One of the DCs assigned to investigate Alice’s murder, twenty-six year old Cat Kinsella, knew Maryanne and saw her talking to Cat’s father, a fixer for a London gangster, the last day anyone ever saw her alive. Now Alice’s body has been found near the pub once run by Cat’s Dad. Cat’s estranged from her dad; suspicion that he had a hand in Maryanne’s disappearance has poisoned her relationship with him over the years. Now, keeping her connection to both victims quiet, she must solve the case even if doing so confirms her worst fears. The story swings from long ago to present-day, from London to Ireland, from happy memories to bitter mistrust, from secrets kept to lies uncovered, without ever missing a beat. Threading it all together, sharp-eyed and sharp-tongued, Cat Kinsella is one of the most compelling detectives I’ve come across in ages as she drives this read-it-in-one-sitting mystery to a genuinely surprising ending. --Vannessa Cronin

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