The Absence of Screams

by Ben Follows


From the author of Blind River!
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Eleven years ago, Marcus lost everything. His daughter was kidnapped and his wife was murdered. Now, he spends his days pretending to be paralyzed and touring the country, raising money for missing children. He hopes that if he helps enough people find their missing child, someday he will find his own.

Just as he's about to give up hope, he finds one of the kidnappers. He attacks her, but she refuses to give him back his daughter. In his rage, he kills her, but not before she signals an accomplice. For the second time, Marcus watches his daughter disappear into the night.

With no one to trust and sinking in deepening quicksand of lies and deception, Marcus will need to risk everything if he's going to unravel the mystery of his daughter's disappearance.

Even if that means losing his life.

With a riveting plot that will keep you guessing until the last page, The Absence of Screams is a must-read for Thriller fans.

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