The Handmaid's Tale

Dystopia, Novel by Margaret Atwood


MOST LOVED. MOST RED. Ten must-read modern classics. 'Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. Don't let the bastards grind you down.' Imagine a world where women's bodies are controlled by men. Where society has descended into religious patriarchy and censorship. Where the environment has been destroyed and a powerful few hold the reins to all wealth and freedom. Welcome to Gilead. This is the story of Offred, a Handmaid forced into sexual servitude, in the country once known as the USA. Atwood's Handmaids have become a symbol of feminist resistance. This masterpiece blurs the boundaries between fiction and news headlines. WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY NAOMI ALDERMAN

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Beklemmend, frustrierend, beängstigend. Aktuelle Entwicklungen sorgen dafür, dass diese Dystopie realer wird als einem lieb ist.

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You will, in equal parts, enjoy the book, squirm uncomfortably, and be horrified when you read it!

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I didn't like it. Yes, I can see the point it was trying to make. And yes, the concept did truly scare me. It was so surreal at times because I could definitely picture these things happening in society. As a woman, this book unnerved me. However, this book was so oddly written. It used a weird prose, half poetic, half lazy and blunt. The story felt disjointed and all over the place. Also, why does the author hate quotation marks so badly? What did they ever do to her? I struggled to get through this. I wanted to give up several times but I was just waiting for it to get better. It never did really. The conclusion was very unsatisfying. This book was upsetting. Also, I'm not really sure why this is considered a feminist book when it doesn't really seem like the women ever came out on top. Whatever we do, don't let Trump read this book. I don't want him getting any ideas.

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I love this book

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