The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook

detective fiction by Franklin W. Dixon


The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook is a special volume in the original Hardy Boys book series published by Grosset & Dunlap.
The book is composed of several didactic short fictional stories illustrating various actual crime detection methods featuring the Hardy Boys and their friends. Although some of the material is dated, the book remains a useful primer on topics such as basic forensics techniques, including the examination of fingerprints and shoe prints at crime scenes, as well as a brief introduction to the basic properties of various illegal drugs.
Four editions were printed:
Edition 1 featured commentary from Dominick A. Spina, a retired NYPD detective. Dust jacket
Edition 2 As above, but picture cover
Edition 3 became necessary when Captain Spina was indicted as a result of a corruption scandal in Newark, New Jersey. The Stratemeyer Syndicate turned to retired FBI agent William F. Flynn for expert insight in the revised edition. The text was also reduced in length from the original.
Edition 4 was only slightly altered in content, but it included new artwork.

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