The IPCC: A scientific body?

by Drieu Godefridi



Resolutely against the grain, the author of this essay claims that the IPCC

(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is a fraud consisting in presenting

an essentially political initiative as scientifi c, and that this fraud is the greatest

in modern science due to its blinding and planetary success.

The essay also reads as an audacious lesson in rigor imparted by philosophy to

science. The author suggests that the debate within the IPCC, which deals with

the exact sciences, be distinguished from the debate on the IPCC, which is of

an epistemological nature, that is to say institutional, logical, methodological.

“This absolutely remarkable text is exactly what was lacking in the debate

on the IPCC.” Henri Lepage, economist

“A very interesting essay, particularly the analysis of the IPCC’s composition

and the misuse of the term Science.” Guy Sorman, essayist

“This text is an absolute delight, a perfect analysis of logic and of the motivations

behind the scientifi c-political confusion and the tremendous mystifi cation that

followed” Henri Atlan, biologist and philosopher

“This essay is a brilliant exercise in mental hygiene and public health.”

Mark Eyskens, former Belgian Prime Minister

“This book is excellent, very interesting and very important from a sociological

standpoint.” Claude Allègre, scientist, former French Minister of National Education

“Drieu Godefridi’s book is one of the most relevant publications I have read

in these last few years. The great force of this excellent book is its brilliant

defense of a provocative thesis in a perfectly balanced way.”

Corentin de Salle, philosopher

Drieu Godefridi is a jurist and doctor of philosophy (Paris IV-Sorbonne)

and recently the author of Le droit public (2009), “Arbitraire et droit dans

l’Athènes antique” (Folia Electronica Classica, 2010) and La réalité augmentée

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