The Jane Austen handbook : a sensible yet elegant guide to her world

Novel by Margaret C. Sullivan


Every young lady dreams of a life spent exchanging witty asides with a dashing Mr. Darcy, but how should you let him know your intentions? Seek counsel from this charming guide to Jane Austen’s world. Its step-by-step instructions reveal the practicalities of life in Regency England, including sensible advice on:

• How to behave at your first ball
• How to ride sidesaddle
• How to decline an unwanted marriage proposal
• How to improve your estate
• How to throw a dinner party

—and much more. Offering readers a glimpse into day-to-day life in Jane Austen’s time, The Jane Austen Handbook is the perfect companion for fans of her novels and their film adaptations, complete with detailed information on love among the social classes, currency, dress, and nuances of graceful living.

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