The Nightmare of the Exile: The Story of the Refugee from Darfur Escape, Suffering and Prison

by Ahmed Adam


I am a simple person from a simple family who was part of a simple community. I grew up in the village of Dissa in the Darfur region of western Sudan. While growing up, I didn't know what racism was and didn't differentiate between people based on their color or religion. I had no access to television or electricity, had never tasted chocolate, and my family put our money in a hole instead of keeping it in a bank. In 2003, I was forced to leave my country with other Darfuris to escape persecution. While in Egypt in 2005, I read the word "refugee" in a book and realized that was me. I have experienced hate and racism because I am a refugee and foreign. I have been called "ponga ponga," "chocolate," "ashikabla," and "koshi." All these terms were meant to humiliate me either for my status as a refugee or for the color of my skin. I have been put in prison for being a refugee. On December 31, 2005, in Egypt, twenty-seven people were killed in front of my eyes simply because they were refugees. This book tells my story, both the happy parts as a child and the challenging parts as a refugee. I want the world to see all of me, not just my skin or my legal status. Because Darfuri refugees aren't just a nameless mass of people. We have families, stories, lives, just like you.

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