The Pigeon

by Patrick Süskind


The Pigeon is a novella by Patrick Süskind about the fictional character Jonathan Noel, a solitary Parisian bank security guard who undergoes an existential crisis when a pigeon roosts in front of his one-room apartment's door, prohibiting him entrance to his private sanctuary. The story takes place in the span of one day, and follows how this seemingly insignificant event compounds to threaten Noel's sanity. The titular pigeon is a symbol for disorder intruding on the protagonist's meticulously organized existence. This book is Süskind's followup to his first novel, Perfume.

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Der Nachfolger von “Das Parfüm“ wurde von der Kritik zerrissen. Ich fand es gut. Eine ruhige Geschichte über den Mann von nebenan.

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The book was hard to get through for me because it seemed to just drag on for so long and then end without any real substance being had.

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