The Reluctant Fundamentalist

fiction, Novel by Mohsin Hamid


The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a novel by Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid, published in 2007.
The novel uses the technique of a frame story, which takes place during the course of a single evening in an outdoor Lahore cafe, where a bearded Pakistani man called Changez tells a nervous American stranger about his love affair with an American woman, and his eventual abandonment of America. A short story adapted from the novel, called "Focus on the Fundamentals," appeared in the fall 2006 issue of The Paris Review. A film adaptation of the novel by director Mira Nair premiered at the 2012 Venice Film Festival.

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Beautifully written novel that lingers in my brain many weeks after I finished reading it. I've read a lot of novels that involved 9/11 but this one was quite different from most. Highly recommended.

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