The Rest of the Robots

Science Fiction by Isaac Asimov


The Rest of the Robots is a collection of eight short stories and two full-length novels by Isaac Asimov. The stories, centred on positronic robots, are all part of the Robot series, most of which take place in the Foundation universe. Another collection of short stories about robots, I, Robot, was re-published in the previous year, which is why Asimov chose to title the collection as The Rest of the Robots. None of the short stories in this collection were in I, Robot, however all of them were later included in The Complete Robot, and both novels about Elijah Baley were also published separately.
The texts in the collection were grouped into 4 chapters, differentiating their central themes. The first chapter, The Coming of the Robots, included some of Asimov's earliest robot stories, where the Three Laws of Robotics were not yet explicitly defined. The following chapter, The Laws of Robotics, included stories that were written after the explicit formulation of the three laws, however both stories include elements that place them outside the Foundation universe.

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