The Ruins of Ambrai

Fantasy by Melanie Rawn


The Ruins of Ambrai is a 1994 fantasy novel written by American author Melanie Rawn. First of three in the Exiles Trilogy, it is set in the fictional world of Lenfell settled by human Catholic colonists. In the far past, the population is decimated in the Waste Wars, and the ruling class has emerged based on the ability to have healthy children. This leads to a very matriarchal society with women holding all the power and men treated as cattle.
The plot centers around a war between two rival magical factions, the Mage Guardians and the Lords of Malerris. In the midst of this war are the three primary characters, Glenin, Sarra, and Cailet Ambrai, sisters who were torn apart after the destruction of Ambrai, their home.
The book starts with Collan, who is enslaved by Scraller. Col is rescued by Gorynel Desse, and then Collan starts his work as a bard. The three girls are descendants of the Ambrai line. After a political confrontation, the father, Auvry Feiran, takes Glenin to Ryka Court. The mother, Maichen Ambrai, takes Sarra to Ostinhold, where Maichen gives birth to Cailet, but then dies. Sarra is then taken to live in Roseguard with Lady Agatine and Orlin.

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