The Soul of the Marionette: A Short Inquiry into Human Freedom

by John Gray
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What if for just one year you explored everything youd wondered about sex but hadnt tried The project was simple An attractive successful magazine journalist Robin Rinaldi would move into a San Francisco apartment join a dating site and get laid Never mind that she already owned a beautiful flat a few blocks away that she was forty-four or that she was married to a man shed been in love with for eighteen years What followed-a year of sex heartbreak and unexpected revelation-is the topic of this riveting memoir The Wild Oats Project An open marriage was never one of Rinaldis goals-her priority as she approached midlife was to start a family But when her husband insisted on a vasectomy she decided that she could remain married only on her own terms If I cant have children she told herself then Im going to have lovers During the week she would live alone seduce men and women attend erotic workshops and partake in wall-banging sex On the weekends she would go home and be a wife At a time when the bestseller lists are topped by books about eroticism and the shifting roles of women this brave memoir explores how our sexuality defines us-and it delivers the missing link an everywomans account of sex Combining the strong literary voice of Cheryl Strayeds Wild with the adventurousness of Elizabeth Gilberts Eat Pray Love The Wild Oats Project challenges our sensibilities and evokes the delicate balance between loving others and staying true to oneself-

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