The Ultimate Reality

by MR Gian Kumar


In this third book, the author Gian Kumar has ventured into experiential awareness. His earlier books had shown that in spite of material and digital comforts in the world today, we are still living a life of dualities. Happiness-unhappiness, good-bad, God-devil, all exist side by side. Following spiritual teachings of gurus or masters do not give the much needed solace; there still seems to be something missing. The mind, with its constant chatter and habit of delving into past experiences and anxieties about the future, does not allow to live in the present moment and be aware in the 'now'. By the time our mind can register it, there is already a new 'now' which has taken its place. Here, the author has brought us into a deeper existence, where through experiential realization and higher consciousness, he has shown us by what methods we can attain this state. This brings us to the core, centralizing both extremes, helping us to realize an awareness of oneness with the universe.

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