The Vampire Armand

Novel, Gothic fiction by Anne Rice


Die-hard Anne Rice fans will enjoy listening to this unabridged version of her latest installment of The Vampire Chronicles--the tale of the soulful, eternally young, Botticelli-faced Armand. Reader Jonathan Marosz instills a lot of effort as well as time--a mind-blowing 16 hours--as he uses several voices to take us from modern-day New Orleans back through 500 years of history in this bodice ripper without bodices. Marosz deftly handles the anguished conversations, the bloody feedings, and the ripe homosexual erotica that is bound to turn ears red. Familiarity with Rice's earlier Vampire Chronicles works will help; new Vampire Chronicles listeners may find themselves hitting rewind frequently as they try to discern dialogue, character relationships, and history. (Running time: 16 hours, 10 cassettes) --Kimberly Heinrichs

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