The White Deer

Fantasy by James Thurber


The White Deer is a 96-page children's novel written by James Thurber in 1945. It is a fairy tale about the quest of the three sons of King Clode who are set perilous tasks to win the heart and hand of a princess without her memories who had once been a beautiful white deer. The cover and four color plates were illustrated by Don Freeman.
Part of the summary of the story in The White Deer Summary and Study Guide states this:
“The White Deer concerns faith in love.
Love depends upon the will of lovers to believe in each other despite all obstacles. Though the story is playful, fastpaced, funny, at times satirical and at times absurd, the theme is serious, as are the obstacles thrown up before the lovers. Secrets of the past and fears of the future, prejudices and the lack of imagination, accident and sorcery—all threaten love's survival.”

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