The first stone : some questions about sex and power ( 9 )

Speculative fiction by Helen Garner


The First Stone is at once an account of one of Australia's most explosive sexual harassment cases and an investigation into soul of sexual politics. To provide the framework of her inquiry, Helen Garner uses the very public case of a University of Melbourne college master accused of sexual harassment by two of his students. After reading about the charge in the newspaper, Garner, a longtime feminist, impulsively wrote a letter of support to the accused man. The letter was made public and in the wake of much criticism over her support of the man, Garner set out to explore the women's claims. Along the way she uncovers issues that challenge her notions of feminism, political activism, gender relations, and power dynamics. With a journalist's eye for detail, Garner leads the reader into a riveting examination of the nature of sex and power in contemporary society.

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