Thoughts of sorts

by Georges Perec


Thoughts of Sorts, one of Georges Perec's final works, was published posthumously in France in 1985. With this translation, David Bellos, Perec's preeminent translator, has completed the Godine list of Perec's great works translated into English and has provided an introduction to this master of systematic versatility. Thoughts of Sorts; is a compilation of musings and essays attempting to circumscribe, in Perec's words, my experience of the world not in terms of the reflections it casts in distant places, but at its actual point of breaking surface. Perec investigates the ways by which we define our place in the world, reveling in list-making, orientating, classifying. This book employs all of the modes of questioning explored by his previous books, and, as the same time breaks new ground of its own, ending with a question mark in typical/atypical Perec fashion.

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