To Challenge A Maestro (The Maestro Chronicles Book 2)

Novel by John Buttrick


Daniel Benhannon, a young mountaineer, recently raised to six bolt Accomplished, wants to be left alone to live out his life as he chooses. The casting of his first spell has placed him square in the middle of an ancient battle between the seven Guilds of Aakadon, led by Grand Maestro, Efferin Tames, and the Serpent Guild, led by Maestro Balen Tamm. To accomplish his goal, Daniel must break his link to the mind of the evil Tarin Conn, the Dark Maestro, imprisoned beneath Mount Kelgotha. To break the link, he must go to Aakadon, keep secret his standing as a six bolt Accomplished, a potential equaling that of the Grand Maestro, out maneuver Efferin Tames, Balen Tamm, and Tarin Conn, three of the most powerful Accomplished in history, and show them what a Ducaunan backwoodsman can really do after he sets his priorities and arranges his chores accordingly.

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