Too Late... I Love You

Novel by Kiki Archer


Too Late… I Love You is the new novel from best-selling, award-winning author Kiki Archer.

Connie Parker isn’t convinced by this falling in love lark. Falling hurts, you end up with bruises and scars.

She has the perfect answer: she’ll write about love instead. But what happens when the novel-in-progress describes more about Connie’s own dull existence than she wants to admit? And when will she realise that her hero is beginning to resemble her new best friend Maria – a woman who seems to turn every simple outing with their 3-year-olds into a fun-filled adventure for them all?

In trying to make sense of the puzzle of her life, Connie learns there is no perfect person. Just that person who'll fit you perfectly.

"The twists and turns and surprises just keep coming - read it now!" - Diana Simmonds, Curve Magazine.

"Kiki Archer excels when portraying the behaviour of the human heart. A page-turner written with honesty and warmth." - Vg Lee, Author and Comedienne.

"Wow. Kiki Archer just upped her game." - Lambda Finalist, Clare Ashton.

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Connie Parker is in her early twenties and mother of a three-year-old. She had got pregnant without quite planning for it and chooses to be a stay-at-home mom. Her relationship with her boyfriend, Kurt, isn’t all that great. In fact, the author has written a very realistic relationship where both want to try making it better each time they are alone, but the interaction is so broken that together they just cannot get it right. Connie sublimates her romanticism into writing during those little pockets of time that bringing up her baby gives her. During one of her kiddie-activity she meets Maria, another mom with a three-year-old. Maria is completely put together, seemingly out-of-Connie’s-league rich, warm, funny and openly gay. Maria extends the hand of friendship to Connie and slowly they start spending time together. As Connie’s relationship with Kurt deteriorates, her relationship with Maria thrives and grows…so much so that the book she is writing began with cynicism about love and is growing into a romance. Read the full review @

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