What's So Blessed about Being Poor?: Seeking the Gospel in the Slums of Kenya

by Coralis Salvador, Susan L. Slavin


An inspiring exploration of how happiness and holiness can exist in the midst of poverty and illness.

Two lay women who have chosen to live among the poor in East Africa, one a Maryknoll lay missioner, and the other, a New York attorney who left her law practice to become a lay missioner.

Slavin first met Salvador when she was volunteering as a lawyer working in a justice and peace program in Kenya. Slavin was intrigued by the well-known phrase Blessed are the poor. After approaching this seeming paradox through unrewarding library research, she decided that she would join Salvador in her ministry to AIDS orphans to try to understand how the poor can be blessed. This account tells of their experiences as they worked together with the poor, primarily AIDS orphans, in the slums of Kenya. Photos will be included.

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