What Christians Believe: Basic Studies in Bible Doctrine and Christian Living

by John Smart, Dudley A. Sherwood, R. Edward Harlow, C. Ernest Tatham, Harold G. Mackay, Alfred P. Gibbs, George M. Landis, Harold Shaw, Ben Tuininga, Harold M. Harper



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A lot of this book is well written and I could give a message from this book to people on Christianity, based on a lot written in the first half fore sure. The problem I have with this type of writing is it seems to be edited and cleaned up to meet a certain doctrinal view. / Let me explain. Christianity is best shared through what we call "Testimonies". This word essentially means people talking about what God did in and through them. In this book there is none of that. I get that this is supposed to be a small book on "What Christianity is", BUT we already have that: the Bible. If someone will not read through the New Testament, they simply do not care about seeking the Lord. So in essence this book on "What Christianity is" simply becomes a book of "What Christianity is according to the doctrine we are trying to superimpose on the Word of God", and that ultimately becomes the problem with these types of books. / The advise just isn't practical or helpful most of the time. What ever happened to seeking advise from other trusted Christian people for direction? What happened to the entire books of Acts? What happened to trusting the Lord with a full heart and walking forward in grace as a redeemed person? What happened to loving others as thyself? / These points are some of the most essential puzzle pieces to Christianity, which just seem absent from this book.

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