Your Closest Friend

by Karen Perry


'This brilliant binge-read thriller has a real roller coaster of an ending' Heat

Keep your friends close. And your enemies closer.

Cara shouldn't have survived the attack. But at the last moment, a stranger snatched her to safety.
In the hours that followed, she told her Good Samaritan secrets she'd never told a soul.
Not even her husband. Especially not her husband.

In the aftermath, Cara is home, healed and safe. Which is when the anonymous threats begin.
Someone knows things about her that they shouldn't.
Cara's Good Samaritan offers to help - to save her all over again.
That night, Cara made a friend for life. But what if she isn't a friend at all?


'Sizzles with tension and menace . . . a stunning read, better than Gone Girl'

'Riveting, entirely believable, suspense of the subtlest kind'

'It held my attention right to the final page. The final twist took my breath away'

'Probably my favourite book so far of 2018'

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