Frühstück bei Tiffany

Novelle von Truman Capote


Das von Gin und Rosen umduftete Porträt der charmant verrückten achtzehnjährigen Holly Golightly, die mit entwaffnender Unschuld bekennt: "Ich habe wirklich nicht mehr als elf Liebhaber gehabt." Verfilmt mit Audrey Hepburn. Dazu drei beschwingt melancholische Erzählungen.



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I read this novella in one day, being a story of only 100 pages. It is the original story that the movie of the same name was based on, although the novella is based in the 1940s, whereas the movie is set in the contemporary early-1960s. The plot follows the eccentric and wacky Holly Golightly as seen through the eyes of her unnamed neighbour who she names after her brother for a while. A sweet story of a young girl of twenty finding her way in New York through associating with wealthy socialites. Whilst Holly portrays herself as a flighty, free woman, the narrator soon finds out that all she really longs for is a place where she belongs and feels comfortable, other than Tiffany’s (a jewellery shop). I liked the story, but I always dislike reading books after seeing the movie (despite the contradiction that I buy the books anyway). Apart from having an image of the characters and setting in my head already, it was a simple, interesting account of how an unconventional woman functioned and slotted herself into 1940s London. Not a stand-out book but it’s a short read and slightly amusing so I might read it again one day.

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Klauda informiert. Truman Capote hat hier seinen besten Roman vorgelegt, der das Schicksal seiner Mutter beleuchtet.

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