Gnade ist nicht nur ein Wort. Wie Gottes Güte unser Leben auf den Kopf stellt

von Philip Yancey


What's So Amazing About Grace? is a 1997 book by Philip Yancey, an American journalist and editor-at-large for the periodical Christianity Today. The book is about grace in Christianity and argues that grace is of central importance to the gospel and is what people crave, but that many local churches do not show grace and instead seek to exterminate immorality. The book includes Bible stories, anecdotes from Yancey's life, accounts of historical events, and other stories. These include a modern retelling of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, an account of Yancey's close friendship with Mel White who came out as homosexual, a comparison of the teachings of early Christians Pelagius and Augustine of Hippo, and a summary of Karen Blixen's short story "Babette's Feast".
Yancey was inspired to write What's So Amazing About Grace? when he met with President Bill Clinton who asked him, "Why do Christians hate so much?"



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