Ich gehe jetzt

von Jean Echenoz
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Winner of the 1999 Prix Goncourt. The #1 bestselling, Goncourt Prize-winning "best of Echenoz's novels" (Le Figaro). Jean Echenoz's I'm Gone won the prestigious Goncourt Prize in France and continues to top bestseller lists with half a million copies in print. Le Monde calls it "an adventure story that is also an adventure to read." The hero of I'm Gone is an urbane Parisian art dealer who walks out on his wife and life to join a treasure-hunting expedition to the Arctic, and soon finds himself caught up in a theft. Echenoz's brilliant narrative--a suspenseful crime caper, a bitingly humorous look at the uncertainties of love at mid-life, and a witty, satirical foray into corruption in the art market all rolled into one--reveals why he has come to be known as "the most distinctive voice of his generation, . . . the master magician of the contemporary French novel" (The Washington Post). Past winner of the Prix Medicis and the European Literature Prize, Echenoz is "in top form" here, according to the Journal de Dimanche, which calls I'm Gone "sheer perfection."



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