Kochen - Die neue grosse Schule. Der sichere Weg zum erfolgreichen Kochen mit 1000 Fotos

von Arnold Zabert


Originally published in German as "Kochen. Die neue große Schule - 1000 Fabfotos 2000 Rezepte", The Art of Cooking is totally fresh in its approach and exquisitely beautiful. It features a remarkable collection of recipes and suggests stunning ways to present them. Using the colors, textures and varieties of food much like an artist's palette, internationally renowned food photographer and epicure, Arnold Zabert, vividly demonstrates how to start from simple, basic recipes and build them into beautiful finished dishes. Each chapter begins with a basic recipe, which is then added upon, introducing new techniques and recipe variations. Over 1,000 color photographs and hundreds of tips help both the beginner and more experienced cook achieve successful and satisfying results. Zabert's unique, building-on-basics approach, coupled with his critical, appreciative eye, produces a cookbook and guide to food that is both stimulating and immensely practical. Over 2,000 ideas for recipes and variations are included - from everyday fare to specialty meals to elegant, formal entertaining. Beginning with shopping for ingredients, The Art of Cooking contains an informative section on herbs and spices, how to choose table settings, and how to use current kitchen equipment and adapt it for a variety of uses. Individual chapters are fundamental: eggs, pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables, soups, fish, poultry, meats, sauces and desserts. The creative manner in which these basic foods are prepared and presented sets this book apart and makes it an indispensable tool for today's cook. The Art of Cooking teaches, inspires and stimulates. It fosters an artist's eye for presentation and prompts a new reverence and appreciation for the beauty and simplicity of fine food.

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