Paris Interiors (Taschen 25th Anniversary Series)

von Lisa Lovatt-Smith


Private Paris homes only open their doors to the few. This book shows us around 50 imaginatively conceived apartments and houses, the homes of prominent people such as Isabella Adjani, Helena Christensen and Christian and Francoise Lacroix. How we live is who we are. These interiors are ""mirrors of the soul,"" showing the true personalities of those who live in them. From baroque opulence to cool understatement to colourful exoticism, their style is unforced - these are homes that people live in, not museum pieces. They also document Parisian vogues - for the Frech Thirties and Forties, for the furniture of Jean-Michel Frank and Jean Royere, for Diego Giacometti's stucco work, or the design features of the Vienna Secession. This book documents a particularly energetic and fertile moment in one of the world's most beautiful cities. Paris Interiors brings together a selection of extraordinary apartments in the French capital, chosen purely for their individuality. From wicked fun to timeless classicism, everything in this unique book will be an inspiration.

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