Roman von James Joyce


Die Handlung begleitet die Figur des Dubliner Juden Leopold Bloom - einmoderner Ahasverus und Odysseus - einen Tag lang, von acht Uhr morgensbis weit nach Mitternacht, auf seiner Wanderung durch Dublin.



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There are two and a half (almost three reasons) why this book is the Mount Everest of English literature. 1. If you are not Irish and/or Catholic you will not know half the references; 2. If you are not educated and well read, you will not know the other half; 3. Joyce experimented hard and heavy! #3 also makes it absolutely worth reading!

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The book is vulgar and almost impossible to follow, at least in audio form. It jumps around, and the narrator is constantly using metaphors involving bodily waste, bodily fluids, and other unpleasant imagery. What anyone could see in this book mystifies me. I also don't understand how ReadGeek recommended it to me, based on other books I've rated. I'm very disillusioned with the ReadGeek recommender algorithm. As a software engineer, I understand how such algorithms are supposed to work, and I consider this a blunder of the first water.

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