A titokzatos kés

Novel, Fantasy by Philip Pullman


A titokzatos kés a második része Az Úr sötét anyagai trilógiának, amelyet Philip Pullman brit író írt. Magyarországon először 2002-ben jelent meg.
A könyvben Aranyszájú Lyra kalandja onnan folytatódik, hogy átlépett egy másik világba az északi fényen keresztül. Will Parry a „mi” világunkból csatlakozik Lyrához, és együtt keresik Will édesapját.
A könyv a mellékszereplőkre is összpontosít, mint például Lord Asriel háborúja a Magisztérium ellen. Így nemcsak Lyra és Will útját, hanem Lee Scoresby és Serafina Pekkala útját is követhetjük.

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OK prose, but terrible plotting and characters. So many of the ostensibly critical characters (in the world) are either deus ex machina for some specific threat the characters are facing, or blatant ego-stroking for the completely self centered mains. The story is written in third person, but from such a skewed perspective and rationale that it sometimes seems it's a mythical tale told after the fact by the mains about themselves. Besides this, some of the morality is just bizarre and inconsistent. The Church is self-evidently evil because they're subtly censoring scientific institutions (which is only demonstrated once in the whole series) and they sponsor a creepy, child-exploiting antagonist. Fair enough. But the main character sees the distant messiah (her father) kill her best friend for a remarkably similar "scientific" purpose, then he time travels and starts amassing a secret army, and she STILL sees him as a hero. WTF is going on in this story? The whole thing is riddled with motivated reasoning. "We're good, so the insane things we're doing are good." A truly disturbing book if the heroes were not written ironically. Every major event and decision screams #raisedbynarcissists.

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