Ääni ja vimma

Novel by William Faulkner


Ääni ja vimma on William Faulknerin vuonna 1929 julkaistu romaani. Teos on ilmestynyt suomeksi Kai Kailan kääntämänä, Tammen kustantamana 1965. Se sijoittuu kuvitteelliseen Yoknapatawphan piirikuntaan ja käyttää tajunnanvirtatekniikkaa. Romaani jakaantuu neljään osaan: ensimmäinen on henkisesti kehitysvammaisen Benjy Compsonin näkökulma, toinen masentuneen opiskelijan Quentin Compsonin, kolmas heidän veljensä Jason Compsonin ja neljäs kuvaa tapahtumia kolmannen persoonan näkökulmasta.
Ääni ja vimma on Faulknerin omien sanojen mukaan ainoa hänen romaaneistaan, joka syntyi inspiraation vallassa, ilman tarkkaa suunnitelmaa lopullisesta muodosta.

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I went into this book blind, having read everything of Cormac McCarthy's and moving onto Faulkner, first with As I Lay Dying and then this. I got about 5 pages in then went to Wikipedia, confirmed I wasn't insane with a quick skim through the overview so as not to spoil the story, and jumped back in. I won't pretend I found it an easy read; sentences needed re-reading, some pieces of the puzzle didn't click together until later, and often I found myself drawn into the text at an ever increasing pace until I hit a punctuation mark and realised I had no comprehension of what I had just read. I hope to read it again one day, armed now with a knowledge of the timeline; upon completing it I felt I'd just completed a puzzle as handfuls of the pieces were hurled at me, now I've seen the completed picture I can go back and enjoy each piece as it comes. Absorbing though confusing, well worth a read but perhaps arm yourself first with a summary.

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