El Dinero

por Emile Zola


'Money' may be said to rank among Emile Zola's notable achievements... This is not surprising... It may be safely said that its publication is well timed, for the rottenness of our financial world has become such a crying scandal, and the inefficiency of our company laws has been so fully demonstrated, that the absolute urgency of reform can no longer be denied.

After a disastrous speculation, Aristide Saccard was forced to sell his mansion and to cast about for means of creating a fresh fortune. Chance made him acquainted with Hamelin, an engineer whose residence in the East had suggested to him financial schemes which at once attracted the attention of Saccard. With a view to financing these schemes the Universal Bank was formed, and by force of advertising became immediately successful. Emboldened by success, Saccard launched into wild speculation...

(Rougon-Macquart Series)

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Lu il y a longtemps mais je me rappelle l'avoir beaucoup aimé.

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