El lanzador de cuchillos

Ficción especulativa por Steven Millhauser


The Knife Thrower and Other Stories by Steven Millhauser, first published in 1998 by Crown Publishers, Inc., New York. It is a collection of short stories, some of which were published by various journals, such as The Paris Review, Harper's Magazine, and The New Yorker. It continues in a similar vein to Millhauser's previous efforts that mix the extraordinary into everyday life.
Stories, with previous publishers, if available.
"The Knife Thrower"
"A Visit"
"The Sisterhood of Night"
"The Way Out"
"Flying Carpets"
"The New Automaton Theater"
"Clair de Lune"
"The Dream of the Consortium"
"Balloon Flight, 1870"
"Paradise Park"
"Kaspar Hauser Speaks"
"Beneath the Cellars of Our Town"

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