Molto forte, incredibilmente vicino

Novel by Jonathan Safran Foer


Molto forte, incredibilmente vicino è il secondo romanzo di Jonathan Safran Foer, pubblicato nel 2005. È stato uno dei primi romanzi ad affrontare il tema degli attacchi terroristici dell'11 settembre.

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Mir war das ein bisschen zu viel an Emotionen. Ich kann an der Traurigkeit anderer Leute nicht so viel positives sehen.

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Good and extremely emotional rollercoaster throughout the book. The deeper you delve into it, the more you'll find yourself connected with the story and be able to empathize with the main character. It is a great emotional rollercoaster of a ride throughout the book and when I was finished with it, it left me sort of empty and throughout the book the author subtly keeps on striking on those emotional chords. Overall, I loved reading it.

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