Dr Mukti

Short story by Will Self


"Dr. Mukti and Other Tales of Woe" is the sixth collection of short stories by Will Self.
The Guardian newspaper said of the collection...
"Like most of Self's work, these stories detail a massive loss, a misplacement, of humanity. In some sense they are actually about being a satirist, about being able to have so removed a point of view that you might as well be looking down from orbit."
However The Telegraph review gave a harsher appraisal...
"Will Self is going through a bad patch. I thought Dorian, his last novel, was pretty dire, but this new collection of stories is even worse. They are not funny, they are not clever, they are just a mess. Perhaps one day he will recover the form which made the outrageous Cock and Bull and, in a more sombre vein, How the Dead Live, so readable; but for the moment, he is floundering."

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