The God Delusion

non-fiction by Richard Dawkins


Em um tempo de guerras e ataques terroristas com motivacoes religiosas, o movimento pro-ateismo ganha forca no mundo todo. E seu lider e o respeitado biologo Richard Dawkins, eleito um dos tres intelectuais mais importantes do mundo (junto com Umberto Eco e Noam Chomsky) pela revista inglesa Prospect.

Autor de varios classicos nas areas de ciencia e filosofia, Dawkins sempre atestou a irracionalidade de acreditar em Deus, e os terriveis danos que a crenca ja causou a sociedade. Em DEUS, UM DELIRIO(Companhia das Letras, 2007), a narrativa concentra-se exclusivamente no assunto e mostra como a religiao alimenta a guerra, fomenta o fanatismo e doutrina as criancas.

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The only chapter I read was when he tried to disprove Thomas Aquinas' Five Proofs for God, and at first I thought there were some good points, but there were still issues that I found unconvincing, such as ruling out the perfect moral source based on variations of right and wrong should also mean there is a perfect smell because of variations of smell, since we tolerate bad smells, like a man passing gas on a plane or some sort of chemical leak, but we don't tolerate shoplifting or rape. Later I read a critique of this chapter by a man who specialized in the Summa Theologica, and it seems that Dawkins didn't do his homework. It would be as if I looked at an argument from On the Origin of Species, wrote a critique of it and said "therefore this disproves evolution." Oh, I have a hunch that I'd face a great deal of criticism from everyone in the biology field if I did that. So why is it that Dawkins can do the same in regards to philosophy and theology? As my brother described him: Good biologist, dick of a human being.

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