The most popular books in English.

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

38807. Philosophy as Cultural Politics

Richard Rorty

Philosophy as Cultural Politics: Philosophical Papers: v.4 is a book by Richard Rorty, the late Professor of Comparative Literature, Emeritus, at Stanford University. A compilation of selected philosophical papers written by Rorty over the decade, 1997-2007, it complements three …

38812. The Lamentable Journey of Omaha Bigelow Into the …

Edgardo Vega Yunqué

The Lamentable Journey of Omaha Bigelow into the Impenetrable Loisaida Jungle is a 2004 novel by Edgardo Vega Yunqué. The novel follows Omaha Bigelow, a 35-year-old failure, with whom Maruquita Salsipuedesa, a 15-year-old bruja, falls in love. She has her mother perform a …

38825. Internationalism or Russification?

Ivan Dzi︠u︡ba

Internationalism or Russification? is a book by Ukrainian writer and social activist Ivan Dziuba, written in September-December 1965.

38827. Rivers and mountains

John Ashbery

Rivers and mountains is a collection of poems written by John Ashbery.

38829. Selected Letters of H. P. Lovecraft III

H. P. Lovecraft

Selected Letters III is a collection of letters by H. P. Lovecraft. It was released in 1971 by Arkham House in an edition of 2,513 copies. It is the third of a five volume series of collections of Lovecraft's letters and includes a preface by August Derleth and Donald Wandrei.

38833. The Book of Mercy

Kathleen Cambor

The Book of Mercy is the debut novel of the American writer Kathleen Cambor. Narrated in alternate chapters by Edmund Mueller, an 83-year-old retired Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania firefighter, and his daughter, Anne, a 42-year-old psychiatrist and single mother, the novel weaves a …

38834. All Falling Down

Gene Zion

All Falling Down is a book written by Gene Zion and illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham.

38835. A Death of Honor

Joe Clifford Faust

A Death of Honor is a science fiction mystery novel by American author Joe Clifford Faust. It was published in 1987 by Del Rey Books.

38846. Thongor of Lemuria

Lin Carter

Thongor of Lemuria is a fantasy novel written by Lin Carter, the second book of his Thongor series set on the fictional ancient lost continent of Lemuria. It was first published in paperback by Ace Books in 1966. The author afterwards revised and expanded the text, in which form …

38851. Le Calvaire

Octave Mirbeau

Le Calvaire is a novel written by the French journalist, novelist and playwright Octave Mirbeau, and published by Ollendorff in 1886.

38857. The innocence of the Devil

Nawal El Saadawi

The innocence of the Devil is a book written by Nawal El Saadawi.

38860. The Fate of Liberty: Abraham Lincoln and Civil …

Mark E. Neely, Jr.

The Fate of Liberty: Abraham Lincoln and Civil Liberties is a 1992 book by American historian Mark E. Neely, Jr., published by Oxford University Press. The book examines President Abraham Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus and other rights during the American Civil War. The …

38862. Eastward Hoe

Ben Jonson

Eastward Hoe or Eastward Ho, is an early Jacobean era stage play, a satire and city comedy written by George Chapman, Ben Jonson, and John Marston, printed in 1605. The play was written in response to Westward Ho, an earlier satire by Thomas Dekker and John Webster. Eastward Ho …

38863. A crown for the king

Solomon ibn Gabirol

A crown for the king is a work written by Solomon ibn Gabirol.

38866. Beyond the Dar Al-Harb

Gordon R. Dickson

Beyond the Dar Al-Harb is a collection of three fantasy and science fiction stories by Gordon R. Dickson. It was first published by Tor Books in 1985. The title story is original to this collection, and features "Red Jamie", a character from the Thieves World series previously …

38873. Slaine: The Exile

Steven Savile

Slaine: The Exile is a book published in 2006 that was written by Steven Savile.

38882. More Joy in Heaven

Morley Callaghan

More Joy in Heaven is a novel written by Canadian author Morley Callaghan and published in 1937. The central figure, Kip Caley, was inspired by Norman Ryan, a criminal who had committed a number of robberies in Quebec, Ontario and the United States. Callaghan's friend Ernest …

38897. Nameless Places

Gerald W. Page

Dark Things is an anthology of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories edited by Gerald W. Page. It was released in 1975 by Arkham House in an edition of 4,160 copies. The stories in this volume had not been previously published.

38904. Dictionary of the Khazars

Milorad Pavić

Dictionary of the Khazars: A Lexicon Novel is the first novel by Serbian writer Milorad Pavić, published in 1984. Originally written in Serbian, the novel has been translated into many languages. It was first published in English by Knopf, New York in 1988. There is no easily …

38917. The Nawal El Saadawi reader

Nawal El Saadawi

The Nawal El Saadawi reader is a book written by Nawal El Saadawi.

38920. Two women in one

Nawal El Saadawi

Imraʻtān fī imraʼah is a book written by Nawal El Saadawi.

38932. Democracy and Islam in the New Constitution of …

Khaled Abou El Fadl

Reports on a conference held to identify ways in which the new constitution of Afghanistan could help put the country on the path to a strong, stable democracy characterized by good governance and rule of law. The participants identified practical ideas for those involved in …

38937. The well of life

Nawal El Saadawi

The well of life is a book written by Nawal El Saadawi.

38964. Leigjandinn

Svava Jakobsdóttir

Leigjandinn is a book writen by Svava Jakobsdóttir.

38970. Nahj al-Balagha

Ali B Abi Talib

The Nahj al-Balagha is the most famous collection of sermons, letters, tafsirs and narrations attributed to Ali, cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad. It was collected by Sharif Razi, a Shi'i scholar in the tenth century Known for its eloquent content, it is considered a …

38983. Rebellion and Violence in Islamic Law

Khaled Abou El Fadl

Khaled Abou El Fadl's book represents the first systematic examination of the idea and treatment of political resistance and rebellion in Islamic law. Pre-modern jurists produced an extensive and sophisticated discourse on the legality of rebellion and the treatment due to …

38989. Treatise on Asthma


Treatise on Asthma is a work written by Maimonides.

38999. Twenty Drawings

Kahlil Gibran

Twenty Drawings is a written work by Kahlil Gibran.

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