The most popular books in English
from 46001 to 46200

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

46002. The Glade Within the Grove

David Foster

The Glade within the Grove is a Miles Franklin Award winning novel by Australian author David Foster.

46004. Gulliverzone

Stephen Baxter

Gulliverzone is a 1997 novel by Stephen Baxter.

46005. The Hound of the Baskervilles

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Hound of the Baskervilles is the third of the crime novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes. Originally serialised in The Strand Magazine from August 1901 to April 1902, it is set largely on Dartmoor in Devon in England's West Country …

46007. Black Beauty

Anna Sewell

Black Beauty is an 1877 novel by English author Anna Sewell. It was composed in the last years of her life, during which she remained in her house as an invalid. The novel became an immediate best-seller, with Sewell dying just five months after its publication, but long enough …

46008. A Political Fable

Robert Coover

A Political Fable is a 1980 novella by Robert Coover. It was originally published, in slightly different form, in New American Review in 1968, under the title "The Cat in the Hat for President".

46009. Valley of the Squinting Windows

Brinsley MacNamara

The Valley of the Squinting Windows is a novel by Brinsley MacNamara, set in the fictional village of Garradrimna, in central Ireland.

46011. Political Repression in Modern America

Robert Goldstein

Political Repression in Modern America from 1870 to 1976 is a historical account of significant civil liberties violations concerning American political dissidents since 1870 – a date demarcating the close of the Civil War decade and the development of the modern American …

46013. Rising Tide

Jean Thesman

Rising Tide is a historical young-adult novel by Jean Thesman and a sequel to her novel A Sea So Far.

46014. Criminal Enterprise

S. D. Perry

Criminal Enterprise is a book published in 2008 that was written by Stephani Perry.

46015. Fall from Grace

Andrew Greeley

Fall from Grace is a 1993 novel by Father Andrew Greeley. It is a novel about sin and corruption in Chicago and the cover up of child sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

46016. The Lord God Bird

Russell Hill

The Lord God Bird is a book written by Russell Hill.

46019. The Service of Clouds

Susan Hill

The Service of Clouds is a novel by Susan Hill.

46023. Dead Man's Thoughts

Carolyn Wheat

Dead Man's Thoughts is a book written by Carolyn Wheat.

46025. The Night Land

William Hope Hodgson

The Night Land is a classic horror novel by William Hope Hodgson, first published in 1912. As a work of fantasy it belongs to the Dying Earth subgenre. Hodgson also published a much shorter version of the novel, entitled The Dream of X. The importance of The Night Land was …

46026. Across the Far Mountain

Niel Hancock

Across the Far Mountain is a book published in 1982 that was written by Niel Hancock.

46029. The crack in everything

Alicia Suskin Ostriker

The crack in everything is the book written by Alicia Ostriker.

46030. Berenice

Edgar Allan Poe

"Berenice" is a short horror story by Edgar Allan Poe, first published in the Southern Literary Messenger in 1835. The story follows a man named Egaeus who is preparing to marry his cousin Berenice. He has a tendency to fall into periods of intense focus during which he seems to …

46031. Bazaar of the Bizarre

Fritz Leiber

Bazaar of the Bizarre is a collection of fantasy short stories by Fritz Leiber. It was first published in 1978 by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. in an edition of 1,350 copies. The stories feature Leiber's characters Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser and originally appeared in the …

46033. Daisy, In the Sun

Connie Willis

Daisy, In the Sun is a short story written by Connie Willis.

46037. A Man to Match His Mountains

Eknath Easwaran

Nonviolent Soldier of Islam is a biography of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, an ally of Gandhi's in the Indian independence movement. Originally written by Eknath Easwaran in English, foreign editions have also been published in Arabic and several other languages. The book was …

46038. Deep Fear

Debi Gliori

Deep Fear is a book published in 2006 that was written by Debi Gliori.

46042. Raymond Chandler Speaking

Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler Speaking is a collection of letter excerpts, various notes, essays and an unfinished novel. It was compiled in 1962 by Dorothy Gardiner and Kathrine Sorley Walker. The origins of the collection were contentions: after Chandler's death, his literary agent and …

46043. Cold Steal

Phoebe Atwood Taylor

Cold Steal is a novel that was published in 1939 by Phoebe Atwood Taylor writing as Alice Tilton. It is the third of the eight Leonidas Witherall mysteries.

46044. Socratic Puzzles

Robert Nozick

Socratic Puzzles is a 1997 collection of essays by libertarian philosopher Robert Nozick.

46046. Kedrigern in Wanderland

John Morressy

Kedrigern in Wanderland is a book published in 1988 that was written by John Morressy.

46048. Battlemind

William H. Keith, Jr.

Battlemind is a book published in 1996 that was written by William H. Keith, Jr.

46049. Hearts Grown Brutal

Roger Cohen

Hearts Grown Brutal: Sagas of Sarajevo is a non-fiction book by New York Times reporter Roger Cohen chronicling his experiences covering the Bosnian War and the Bosnian Genocide. Random House published the book on August 25, 1998. The book won a Citation for Excellence from the …

46050. The Green Round

Arthur Machen

The Green Round is a horror novel by Welsh author Arthur Machen. It was originally published by Ernest Benn Limited in 1933. The first U.S. edition was published by Arkham House in 1968 in an edition of 2,058 copies. It was the only book by Machen to be published by Arkham …

46052. The Murderer

Roy Heath

The murderer is a novel written by Roy Heath.

46053. Little Soldier

Bernard Ashley

Little Soldier is a children's novel by Bernard Ashley, published in 1999. It was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and 2000 for the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize.

46054. Mother Goose and Nursery Rhymes

Philip Reed

Mother Goose and Nursery Rhymes is a book by Philip Reed.

46055. T-Bone: The Baby Sitter

Clare Turlay Newberry

T-Bone: The Baby Sitter is a book by Clare Newberry.

46056. Kai Lung Beneath the Mulberry Tree

Ernest Bramah

Kai Lung Beneath the Mulberry Tree is a collection of fantasy stories by Ernest Bramah featuring Kai Lung, an itinerant story-teller of ancient China. It was first published in hardcover in London by The Richards Press Ltd. in February 1940, and was reprinted in 1942, 1944, …

46057. Killed in the Ratings

William L. DeAndrea

Killed in the Ratings is a book by William L. DeAndrea.

46058. Mysticism and Morality

Arthur Danto

Mysticism and Morality is a work written by Arthur Danto.

46062. Egon Schieles Portraits

Alessandra Comini

Egon Schieles Portraits is a book written by Alessandra Comini.

46065. Computer Algorithms: Introduction to Design and …

Sara Baase

Computer Algorithms: introduction to Design and Analysis is a book written by Sara Baase and Allen Van Gelder.

46068. Game Plan for Disaster

Franklin W. Dixon

Game Plan for Disaster is the 76th title of the Hardy Boys series, written by Franklin W. Dixon.

46069. The Threateners

Donald Hamilton

The Threateners is the title of a spy novel by Donald Hamilton first published in 1992. It was the twenty-sixth installment of the Matt Helm series, and saw the return of the character after a three-year hiatus.

46070. Counterrevolution and Revolt

Herbert Marcuse

Counterrevolution and Revolt is a 1972 book by philosopher Herbert Marcuse.

46071. All Music Guide to the Blues: The Definitive Guide …

Vladimir Bogdanov

All Music Guide to the Blues: The Definitive Guide to the Blues is a non-fiction, encyclopedic referencing of blues music compiled under the direction of All Media Guide.

46074. Wind of Honor

Ree Soesbee

Wind of Honor is a book published in 2002 that was written by Ree Soesbee.

46075. A Daughter of the Snows

Jack London

A Daughter of the Snows is Jack London's first novel. Set in the Yukon, it tells the story of Frona Welse, "a Stanford graduate and physical Valkyrie" who takes to the trail after upsetting her wealthy father's community by her forthright manner and befriending the town's …

46076. Memorare

Gene Wolfe

"Memorare" is a science fiction novella published in 2007 by Gene Wolfe. It was nominated for the 2008 Nebula Award for Best Novella.

46077. Catch the Saint

Leslie Charteris

Catch the Saint is a collection of two mystery novellas by Fleming Lee, based upon stories by Norman Worker continuing the adventures of the sleuth Simon Templar aka "The Saint", created by Leslie Charteris. Following usual practice at this point in the series, the front cover …

46078. The story Bible

Pearl S. Buck

The Story Bible is a book by Pearl S. Buck summarizing the whole Bible in two separate volumes: Vol. 1, The Old Testament, and Vol. 2, The New Testament, while particularly emphasizing literal elements and fables. It is described as a paraphrase. The Story Bible The Story Bible …

46079. The earth policy reader

Lester R. Brown

The earth policy reader is a book written by Lester R. Brown.

46081. Company K

William March

Company K is a 1933 novel by William March, first serialised in parts in the New York magazine The Forum from 1930 to 1932, and published in its entirety by Smith and Haas on 19 January 1933, in New York. The book's title was taken from the Marine company that March served in …

46082. Shakespeare: Classical Plays

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare: Complete Plays collects all thirty-seven of the immortal Bard's comedies, tragedies and historical plays. In this volume all of Shakespeare's memorable characters - star-crossed lovers, majestic monarchs, wise fools, lovable rogues, treacherous villains, …

46083. Scottish Folk Tales

Ruth Manning-Sanders

Scottish Folk Tales is a 1976 anthology of 18 fairy tales from Scotland that have been collected and retold by Ruth Manning-Sanders. It is one in a long series of such anthologies by Manning-Sanders.

46085. Witch Weed

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Witch Weed is a book published in 1991 that was written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

46088. Mutants

Gordon R. Dickson

Mutants is a collection of science fiction stories by Gordon R. Dickson. It was first published by Macmillan in 1970. The stories originally appeared in the magazines Astounding, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Galaxy Science Fiction and Fantasy and Science Fiction.

46089. The Complete Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

This collection comprises 69 short stories - all of the stories Poe is known to have written. Table of contents: The Bargain Lost (1831), Loss of Breath (1831), A Dream (1831), The Duc de L'Omelette (1831), Metzengerstein (1831), A Tale of Jerusalem (1831), The Assignation …

46090. Oceana Fine

Tom Flood

Oceana Fine is a 1989 Miles Franklin literary award winning novel by the Australian author Tom Flood.

46091. Deathscape

Peter David

Deathscape is a book published in 1991 that was written by Peter David.

46092. Featuring the Saint

Leslie Charteris

Featuring the Saint is a collection of three mystery novellas by Leslie Charteris, first published in the United Kingdom in February 1931 by Hodder and Stoughton. This was the fifth book to feature the adventures of Simon Templar, alias "The Saint". It was the first novella …

46094. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Lost Cult

E. E. Knight

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Lost Cult is a book published in 2004 that was written by E. E. Knight.

46098. The Best of Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke

The Best of Arthur C. Clarke: 1937-1971 is a collection of science fiction short stories by Arthur C. Clarke originally published in 1973. The stories, written between 1937 and 1971 originally appeared in a number of periodicals including Amateur Science Stories, Zenith, The …

46099. Last Flight

Amelia Earhart

Last Flight is a book published in 1937 consisting of diary entries and other notes compiled by aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart during her failed attempt that year at flying solo across the Pacific Ocean. Her husband, publisher George Palmer Putnam, edited the collection which …

46100. Hiding Place

John Edgar Wideman

Hiding Place is a novel by the American writer John Edgar Wideman set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the 1970s. The novel tells the story of Tommy, a character who first appeared in Wideman's short story collection Damballah. Tommy is a party to a bungled smash-and-grab raid …

46101. Just Relations

Rodney Hall

Just Relations is a Miles Franklin Award winning novel by Australian author Rodney Hall. The novel won the Miles Franklin Award, the FAW ANA Literature Award, and the FAW Barbara Ramsden Award for the Book of the Year, in 1982.

46108. The Secrets of the Dead

Malcolm Rose

The Secrets of the Dead is a book published in 1997 that was written by Malcolm Rose.

46117. The Monster Bed

Jeanne Willis

The Monster Bed is a children's book by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Susan Varley that revolves around the twist on the common "monsters under the bed" story that frighten children. The book is a young reader, normally aimed for 4 years or older. The main character, the …

46118. The Post-War Dream

Mitch Cullin

The Post-War Dream is the eighth book by American author Mitch Cullin and was published by Random House in March 2008. Initial reviews of the novel were mixed, with Kirkus calling it "a misstep in Cullin's unpredictable, adventurous and, alas, frustratingly uneven oeuvre," and …

46119. Detour for Emmy

Marilyn Reynolds

Detour for Emmy is a young adult novel by Marilyn Reynolds. It won the South Carolina Young Adult Book Award for 1995-1996. It deals with the impact of an unexpected pregnancy on a teenage girl. Like other novels by the author, it is based on the life challenges of her students. …

46123. Armada of Antares

Kenneth Bulmer

Armada of Antares is a science fiction novel written by Kenneth Bulmer under the pseudonym of Alan Burt Akers, and is volume eleven in his extensive Dray Prescot series of sword and planet novels, set on the fictional world of Kregen, a planet of the Antares star system in the …

46126. The Red Rover

James Fenimore Cooper

The Red Rover is a novel by American writer James Fenimore Cooper originally published in Paris on November 27, 1827. It was published in London 3 days later on November 30, and was not published in the United States until January 9, 1828 in Philadelphia. Soon after its …

46127. The Harriers

Gordon R. Dickson

The Harriers is a 1991 anthology of shared world short stories, edited by Gordon R. Dickson. The stories are set in a world created by Dickson and are original to this collection.

46128. Fliers of Antares

Kenneth Bulmer

Fliers of Antares is a science fiction novel written by Kenneth Bulmer under the pseudonym of Alan Burt Akers, and is volume eight in his extensive Dray Prescot series of sword and planet novels, set on the fictional world of Kregen, a planet of the Antares star system in the …

46134. Stone and Sky

Graham Edwards

Stone and Sky is a fantasy novel written by Graham Edwards. The novel was first published in 1999 by Voyager Books and HarperPrism. It is the first book in the Stone trilogy, which also includes Stone and Sea and Stone and Sun. The trilogy is a follow-up to Edwards' Ultimate …

46137. Japan's Imperial Conspiracy

David Bergamini

Japan's Imperial Conspiracy is a nonfiction historical work by David Bergamini. Its subject is the role of Japanese elites in promoting Japanese imperialism and the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere; in particular, it examines the role of Crown Prince and Emperor Hirohito …

46138. The Greeks Have a Word For It

Barry Unsworth

The Greeks Have a Word For It is the second novel by Booker Prize-winning author Barry Unsworth published by Hutchinson in 1967. It has since been republished by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in 1993 and W. W. Norton & Company in 2002. It has been praised for its 'utterly …

46139. The Best of Poul Anderson

Poul Anderson

The Best of Poul Anderson is a collection of writings by science fiction and fantasy author Poul Anderson, first published in paperback by Pocket Books in August 1976. It was reprinted in August 1979. The pieces were originally published between 1953 and 1970 in the magazines …

46140. Sleeping Dog

Dick Lochte

Sleeping Dog is a book written by Dick Lochte.

46141. Evil Triumphant

Michael A. Stackpole

Evil Triumphant is a book published in 1992 that was written by Michael A. Stackpole.

46142. Conan the Formidable

Steve Perry

Conan the Formidable is a fantasy novel written by Steve Perry featuring Robert E. Howard's sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian. It was first published in trade paperback by Tor Books in November 1990; a regular paperback edition followed from the same publisher in August …

46143. Sandbar Sinister

Phoebe Atwood Taylor

Sandbar Sinister, first published in 1934, is a detective story by Phoebe Atwood Taylor which features her series detective Asey Mayo, the "Codfish Sherlock". This novel is a mystery of the type known as a whodunnit.

46146. Silent Words

Joan M. Drury

Silent Words is a book written by Joan M. Drury.

46150. The Century for Young People

Peter Jennings

The Century for Young People is a non-fiction history book written by Peter Jennings and Todd Brewster. This book is an adapted version of The Century, adapted by Jennifer Armstrong. The book contains over 200 pictures to depict the 100 years of history.

46153. The Grass Dancer

Susan Power

The Grass Dancer is a book written by Susan Power.

46158. A Mouthful of Air

Amy Koppelman

Through sparse, elegant prose,Amy Koppelman'sbrutally honest portrayal of family and self shows the reader that real problems are indiscriminate of money or birthright.A Mouthful of Airbrings to light the complexity and fragility of the human psyche.A Mouthful of Airbegins a few …

46159. Slow Water

Annamarie Jagose

Slow Water is a 2003 novel by New Zealand author Annamarie Jagose.

46160. What Happened to Mr. Forster?

Gary W. Bargar

What Happened to Mr. Forster? is a 1981 novel by Gary W. Bargar. It is a story of a young boy's first encounter with the complexities of the adult world. The Alan Review has recommended the novel be taught at the middle-school level. 'It is appropriate for a young audience as it …

46161. Night In Werewolf Woods

R. L. Stine

"Reader beware--you choose the scare! GIVE YOURSELF GOOSEBUMPS! Get out your bathing suit! You and your family are off on a summer vacation to a place called WoodsWorld. You can't wait to mess around down at the lake. Then at the Kids only Campfire you hear the rumor about …

46162. The Night of the Dance

James Hime

The Night of the Dance is a book written by James Hime.

46164. Lincoln at home

David Herbert Donald

Lincoln at Home is a book written by David Herbert Donald.

46165. The Member of the Wedding

Carson McCullers

The Member of the Wedding is a 1946 novel by Southern writer Carson McCullers. It took McCullers five years to complete, although she interrupted the work for a few months to write the short novel The Ballad of the Sad Café. In a salacious letter to her husband Reeves McCullers, …

46167. The Time Machine

H. G. Wells

The Time Machine is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells, published in 1895. Wells is generally credited with the popularization of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle that allows an operator to travel purposefully and selectively. The term "time machine", coined …

46168. The Disinherited

Jack Conroy

The Disinherited is a proletarian novel written by Jack Conroy. It was published in 1933. Conroy wrote it initially as nonfiction, but editors insisted he fictionalize the story for better audience reception. The novel explores the 1920s and 30s worker experience through the …

46169. The Balkans Since 1453

Leften Stavros Stavrianos

The Balkans Since 1453 is a book by the Greek-Canadian historian L.S. Stavrianos published in 1958. It is a large, synthetical work which encompasses the major political, economic and cultural events of the Balkans from the fall of the Byzantine Empire to the late 1940s. …

46171. Death Sentence

Brian Garfield

Death Sentence is the 1975 sequel novel to Death Wish by Brian Garfield.

46172. Bodyguard of Lies

Anthony Cave Brown

Bodyguard of Lies is a 1975 non-fiction book written by Anthony Cave Brown, his first major historical work. Named for a wartime quote of Winston Churchill, it is a narrative account of Allied military deception operations during the Second World War. The British and American …

46174. My Name Is Brain Brian

Jeanne Betancourt

This "outstanding" (School Library Journal) book for children is the sensitive portrayal of a boy who struggles to hide his dyslexia from his friends. Based on the author's personal experience as a dyslexic, this novel is "drawn from real insight". Kirkus Reviews.

46178. Selected Letters of H. P. Lovecraft V

H. P. Lovecraft

Selected Letters V is a collection of letters by H. P. Lovecraft. It was released in 1976 by Arkham House in an edition of 5,138 copies. It is the fifth of a five volume series of collections of Lovecraft's letters and includes a preface by James Turner.

46180. April Twilights

Willa Cather

April Twilights is a 1903 collection of poems by Willa Cather. It was reedited by Cather in 1923 and 1933. The poems were first published in many literary reviews, often under pen names.

46181. Alien Blood

Chris Archer

Alien Blood is a book published in 1997 that was written by Chris Archer.

46182. The Satanic Verses

Salman Rushdie

The Satanic Verses is Salman Rushdie's fourth novel, first published in 1988 and inspired in part by the life of Muhammad. As with his previous books, Rushdie used magical realism and relied on contemporary events and people to create his characters. The title refers to the …

46183. The Animals of Farthing Wood

Colin Dann

The Animals of Farthing Wood is the first book of the Animals of Farthing Wood book series, which was later adapted into a TV series of the same name. It was first published in 1979. An abridged version of 70 pages, by the same author, was published in 1993 to accompany the TV …

46184. Conan of the Red Brotherhood

Leonard Carpenter

Conan of the Red Brotherhood is a fantasy novel written by Leonard Carpenter featuring Robert E. Howard's sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian. It was first published in paperback by Tor Books in February 1993, and reprinted in 1998.

46190. Releasing the Bonds

Steven Hassan

Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves is Steven Hassan's self-published second book. It discusses Hassan's theories on mind control and cults. According to Arthur A. Dole, Hassan's Strategic Interaction Approach " ... stresses love, respect, freedom of …

46191. Siege of Tarr-Hostigos

John F. Carr

Siege of Tarr-Hostigos by John F. Carr, 2003, is the fourth book in the Kalvan series.

46197. The Historian

Elizabeth Kozova

The Historian is the 2005 debut novel of American author Elizabeth Kostova. The plot blends the history and folklore of Vlad Țepeș and his fictional equivalent Count Dracula. Kostova's father told her stories about Dracula when she was a child, and later in life she was inspired …

46200. One Summer: America, 1927

Bill Bryson

An Amazon Best Book of the Month, October 2013: It’s amazing what a talented writer at the top of his game can do with a seemingly narrow topic. The title of Bill Bryson’s latest sums up the simplicity of his task: to document the “most extraordinary summer” of 1927, beginning …

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