The most popular books in English
from 46201 to 46400

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

46201. The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

John Fox, Jr.

John Fox Jr. published this great romantic novel of the Cumberland Mountains of Kentucky and Virginia in 1908, and the book quickly became one of America's favorites. It has all the elements of a good romance―a superior but natural heroine, a hero who is an agent of progress and …

46203. CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics

Eric W. Weisstein

CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics is a bestselling book by American author Eric W. Weisstein.

46205. 2150 AD

Thea Alexander

2150 AD is a novel copyrighted by Don Plym and Thea Plym and originally published in 1971. In 1976 it was modified and re-published by Thea Alexander. The story concerns the character of Jon, who travels between his world of 1976 and the future world of 2150, where the Macro …

46206. Bracebridge Hall

Washington Irving

Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists, A Medley was written by Washington Irving in 1821, while he lived in England, and published in 1822. This episodic novel was originally published under his pseudonym Geoffrey Crayon.

46207. The Hound of the Baskervilles

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Hound of the Baskervilles is the third of the crime novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes. Originally serialised in The Strand Magazine from August 1901 to April 1902, it is set largely on Dartmoor in Devon in England's West Country …

46208. The Anatomy of Power

John Kenneth Galbraith

The Anatomy of Power is a 1983 book by Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith. It sought to classify three types of power: compensatory power in which submission is bought, condign power in which submission is won by making the alternative sufficiently painful, and conditioned …

46211. Black Beauty

Anna Sewell

Black Beauty is an 1877 novel by English author Anna Sewell. It was composed in the last years of her life, during which she remained in her house as an invalid. The novel became an immediate best-seller, with Sewell dying just five months after its publication, but long enough …

46212. Anne of Geierstein

Walter Scott

Anne of Geierstein, or The Maiden of the Mist is a novel by Sir Walter Scott. It is set in Central Europe, mainly in Switzerland, shortly after the Yorkist victory at the Battle of Tewkesbury. It covers the period of Swiss involvement in the Burgundian Wars.

46213. What's Wrong with Timmy?

Maria Shriver

What's Wrong with Timmy? is a children's book (ages 4-8) written by award-winning American journalist and best-selling author Maria Shriver.

46214. Notebook 1967-68

Robert Lowell

Notebook 1967-68 is a book written by Robert Lowell.

46216. The Empire of Reason: How Europe Imagined and …

Henry S. Commager

The Empire of Reason: How Europe Imagined and America Realized the Enlightenment is a book written by Henry Steele Commager.

46217. (Not That You Asked) Rants, Exploits and Obsessions

Steve Almond

(Not That You Asked) Rants, Exploits and Obsessions is a collection of essays by the New York Times bestselling author Steve Almond. The collection's entries divulge the author's thoughts on such topics as his sexual failures, fatherhood, and Kurt Vonnegut. The book was …

46218. Night of the Aurochs

Dalton Trumbo

Night of the Aurochs is an unfinished novel by Dalton Trumbo, published posthumously in 1979.

46222. Cadet Kirk

Diane Carey

Cadet Kirk is a book published in 1996 that was written by Diane Carey.

46223. Dragon Dance

John Christopher

Dragon Dance is a young adult alternative history novel by John Christopher. The last novel of the Fireball Trilogy, it was first published in 1986.

46224. Red Equinox

James Axler

Red Equinox is the ninth book in the series of Deathlands. It was written by Laurence James under the house name James Axler.

46225. Shockscape

James Axler

Shockscape is the eighteenth book in the series of Deathlands. It was written by Laurence James under the house name James Axler.

46237. The Big Chapel

Thomas Kilroy

The Big Chapel is a novel written by Thomas Kilroy that was shortlisted for the 1971 Booker Prize and recipient of the Guardian Fiction Prize as well as the Heinemann Prize.

46238. A Man to Match His Mountains

Eknath Easwaran

Nonviolent Soldier of Islam is a biography of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, an ally of Gandhi's in the Indian independence movement. Originally written by Eknath Easwaran in English, foreign editions have also been published in Arabic and several other languages. The book was …

46239. Voyage of the Snake Lady

Theresa Tomlinson

The Voyage of the Snake Lady is a teenage/young adult novel by the British author Theresa Tomlinson first published in 2007. It is the follow-up to the novel The Moon Riders.

46242. Beyond the City

Arthur Conan Doyle

Beyond the City is a novel by the Scottish author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

46243. Socratic Puzzles

Robert Nozick

Socratic Puzzles is a 1997 collection of essays by libertarian philosopher Robert Nozick.

46245. A Separate Creation

Chandler Burr

A Separate Creation: The Search for the Biological Origins of Sexual Orientation is a 1996 book about the development of sexual orientation by journalist Chandler Burr.

46248. The Past Through Tomorrow

Robert A. Heinlein

The Past Through Tomorrow is a collection of Robert A. Heinlein's Future History stories. Most of the stories are part of a larger storyline of a rapidly collapsing American sanity, followed by a theocratic dictatorship. A revolution overthrows the theocracy and establishes a …

46249. Humbug Mountain

Sid Fleischman

Humbug Mountain is a book written by Sid Fleischman.

46250. Fish in the Air

Kurt Wiese

Fish in the Air is a book by Kurt Wiese.

46251. Kai Lung Beneath the Mulberry Tree

Ernest Bramah

Kai Lung Beneath the Mulberry Tree is a collection of fantasy stories by Ernest Bramah featuring Kai Lung, an itinerant story-teller of ancient China. It was first published in hardcover in London by The Richards Press Ltd. in February 1940, and was reprinted in 1942, 1944, …

46253. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel by Mark Twain, first published in the United Kingdom in December 1884 and in the United States in February 1885. Commonly named among the Great American Novels, the work is among the first in major American literature to be written …

46254. Gideon's Fire

John Creasey

Gideon's Fire is a book by John Creasey.

46255. The twilight of the gods and other tales

Richard Garnett

The Twilight of the Gods and Other Tales is a collection of fantasy short stories by Richard Garnett, generally considered a classic in the genre. Its title notwithstanding, the collection "has nothing to do with the Norse gods—although it draws upon everything else, from Arabic …

46256. Zaddik

David Rosenbaum

Zaddik is a book written by David Rosenbaum.

46259. The Flight to Lucifer

Harold Bloom

The Flight to Lucifer is a 1979 book by the American literary critic Harold Bloom. His only novel, it was composed as a sequel to the David Lindsay 1920 novel A Voyage to Arcturus, which supplied the concept of a voyage through space to a distant planet created by a demiurge, …

46260. The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book is a collection of stories by English author Rudyard Kipling. The stories were first published in magazines in 1893–94. The original publications contain illustrations, some by Rudyard's father, John Lockwood Kipling. Kipling was born in India and spent the first …

46261. Conan of Venarium

Harry Turtledove

Conan of Venarium is a fantasy novel written by Harry Turtledove and edited by Teresa Nielsen Hayden featuring Robert E. Howard's seminal sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian. It was first published in hardcover by Tor Books in July 2003; a regular paperback edition …

46262. Track of the Zombie

Franklin W. Dixon

Track of the Zombie is the 71st title of the Hardy Boys, written by Franklin W. Dixon.

46263. The Crimson Flame

Franklin W. Dixon

The Crimson Flame is the 77th title of the Hardy Boys series, written by Franklin W. Dixon.

46265. Facts of Life

Maureen Howard

Facts of life is a book by Maureen Howard.

46267. Feminism Unmodified

Catharine MacKinnon

Feminism Unmodified: Discourses on Life and Law is a 1987 book by feminist academic Catharine MacKinnon. The book is a collection of essays by MacKinnon delivered during the 1980s, and it is a radical feminist critique of pornography and liberal feminism.

46268. All Music Guide to the Blues: The Definitive Guide …

Vladimir Bogdanov

All Music Guide to the Blues: The Definitive Guide to the Blues is a non-fiction, encyclopedic referencing of blues music compiled under the direction of All Media Guide.

46269. Bo's Lasting Lessons: The Legendary Coach Teaches …

Bo Schembechler

Bo's Lasting Lessons: The Legendary Coach Teaches the Timeless Fundamentals of Leadership is a book by Bo Schembechler and John U. Bacon.

46271. Ole Doc Methuselah

L. Ron Hubbard

Ole Doc Methuselah is a collection of science fiction short stories by American writer L. Ron Hubbard, published in 1970.

46272. Wind of Honor

Ree Soesbee

Wind of Honor is a book published in 2002 that was written by Ree Soesbee.

46274. Star Wreck 6: Geek Space Nine

Leah Rewolinski

Star Wreck 6: Geek Space Nine is a book published in 1994 that was written by Leah Rewolinski.

46278. Catch the Saint

Leslie Charteris

Catch the Saint is a collection of two mystery novellas by Fleming Lee, based upon stories by Norman Worker continuing the adventures of the sleuth Simon Templar aka "The Saint", created by Leslie Charteris. Following usual practice at this point in the series, the front cover …

46285. Goody Hall

Natalie Babbitt

An out-of-work actor, Hercules Feltwright, stumbles into a job tutoring Willet Goody, the only child of a widow living in a large, lonely house. Willet quickly involves his tutor in the search to discover the truth about his father. The mystery unfolds with the discovery of …

46287. The Transsexual Empire

Janice Raymond

The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male is a 1979 book by the American radical feminist author and activist Janice Raymond.

46288. Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins is a collection of two Tarzan novellas written by Edgar Rice Burroughs for younger readers. It was originally published as two children's books, The Tarzan Twins by Voland in October 1927, and Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins, with Jad-bal-ja, the Golden …

46289. Wind from the Abyss

Janet Morris

Wind from The Abyss is a fantasy novel by American writer Janet Morris, published in 1978. It is the third book of her Silistra series.

46290. Oceana Fine

Tom Flood

Oceana Fine is a 1989 Miles Franklin literary award winning novel by the Australian author Tom Flood.

46294. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Lost Cult

E. E. Knight

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Lost Cult is a book published in 2004 that was written by E. E. Knight.

46297. Newtons Sleep

Daniel O'Mahony

Newtons Sleep is an original novel by Daniel O'Mahony set in the Faction Paradox universe. It is the only Faction Paradox novel to be published by Random Static. Although taking place in a shared universe, it is a stand-alone work that does not require any prior knowledge of …

46298. Hiding Place

John Edgar Wideman

Hiding Place is a novel by the American writer John Edgar Wideman set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the 1970s. The novel tells the story of Tommy, a character who first appeared in Wideman's short story collection Damballah. Tommy is a party to a bungled smash-and-grab raid …

46300. Bring me the head of Oliver Plunkett

Colin Bateman

Bring Me the Head of Oliver Plunkett is the second novel of the Eddie & the Gang with No Name trilogy by Northern Irish author, Colin Bateman, published on 13 May 2004 through Hodder Children's Books.

46301. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Kate Douglas Wiggin

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is a classic American 1903 children's novel by Kate Douglas Wiggin that tells the story of Rebecca Rowena Randall and her two stern aunts in the fictional village of Riverboro, Maine. Rebecca's joy for life inspires her aunts, but she faces many trials …

46302. A New Barker in the House

Tomie dePaola

A New Barker in the House is a book published in 2002 that was written by Tomie dePaola.

46304. Green Thumb

Rob Thomas

Green Thumb is a young-adult novel by Rob Thomas, creator of the television series Veronica Mars. It was published in 1999

46305. Kept in the Dark

Nina Bawden

Kept in the Dark is a book by Nina Bawden.

46306. The Secrets of the Dead

Malcolm Rose

The Secrets of the Dead is a book published in 1997 that was written by Malcolm Rose.

46311. Bridge to the Sun

Gwen Terasaki

Bridge to the Sun is a book written by Gwen Terasaki.

46314. Sanditon

Jane Austen

Sanditon is an unfinished novel by the English writer Jane Austen.

46315. Encyclopedia of American Religions

J. Gordon Melton

Encyclopedia of American Religions, renamed Melton's Encyclopedia of American Religions in the eighth edition, is a reference book by J. Gordon Melton first published in 1978, by Consortium Books, A McGrath publishing company. It is currently in its eighth edition and has become …

46316. Three Men in a Boat

Jerome K. Jerome

Three Men in a Boat, published in 1889, is a humorous account by English writer Jerome K. Jerome of a two-week boating holiday on the Thames from Kingston upon Thames to Oxford and back to Kingston. The book was initially intended to be a serious travel guide, with accounts of …

46317. Family Secrets

Norma Klein

Family Secrets is a young adult novel written by Norma Klein.

46318. Saga of the Swamp Thing, Book Three

Alan Moore

Continuing Alan Moore's award-winning run on THE SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING, this third volume is brimming with visceral horrors including underwater vampires, a werewolf with an unusual curse, the hideous madman called Nukeface. Best of all, this volume features the comics debut …

46320. The Tides of Kregen

Kenneth Bulmer

The Tides of Kregen is a science fiction novel written by Kenneth Bulmer under the pseudonym of Alan Burt Akers, and is volume twelve in his extensive Dray Prescot series of sword and planet novels, set on the fictional world of Kregen, a planet of the Antares star system in the …

46325. The Age of Innocence

Edith Wharton

The Age of Innocence is Edith Wharton's twelfth novel, initially serialized in four parts in the Pictorial Review magazine in 1920, and later released by D. Appleton and Company as a book in New York and in London. It won the 1921 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, making Wharton the …

46326. Watching my language

William Safire

"You needn't have pondered the difference between formalists and notionalists or stayed awake wondering why English speakers often substitute a periphrastic modal phrase for the simple subjunctive to appreciate Safire's latest collection of "On Language" columns from the New …

46329. The CBS Murders

Richard Hammer

The CBS Murders is a book written by Richard Hammer.

46332. Double Trouble Squared

Kathryn Lasky

Double Trouble Squared is a book by Kathryn Lasky.

46333. The Far Pavilions

M. M. Kaye

The Far Pavilions is an epic novel of British-Indian history by M. M. Kaye, first published in 1978, which tells the story of an English officer during the British Raj. The novel, rooted deeply in the romantic epics of the 19th century, has been hailed as a masterpiece of …

46337. The 10% Solution for a Healthy Life

Ray Kurzweil

The 10% Solution for a Healthy Life is a health book written by computer scientist Raymond Kurzweil in which he explains to readers "How to Reduce Fat in Your Diet and Eliminate Virtually All Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer". Some of his recommendations have been updated and …

46339. In the Matter of Color: Race and the American Legal …

A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr.

In the Matter of Color: Race and the American Legal Process is a book written by A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr.

46342. The Greeks Have a Word For It

Barry Unsworth

The Greeks Have a Word For It is the second novel by Booker Prize-winning author Barry Unsworth published by Hutchinson in 1967. It has since been republished by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in 1993 and W. W. Norton & Company in 2002. It has been praised for its 'utterly …

46344. The Spiraling Worm

David Conyers

The Spiraling Worm is a science fiction and Lovecraftian horror novel written in the style of a spy thriller, by authors David Conyers and John Sunseri. Published in 2007, the novel went received an Honourable Mention for Best Australian Horror Novel in the 12th Annual Aurealis …

46345. The Best of Poul Anderson

Poul Anderson

The Best of Poul Anderson is a collection of writings by science fiction and fantasy author Poul Anderson, first published in paperback by Pocket Books in August 1976. It was reprinted in August 1979. The pieces were originally published between 1953 and 1970 in the magazines …

46346. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of twelve short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, featuring his fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. It was first published on 14 October 1892, though the individual stories had been serialised in The Strand Magazine between June …

46347. Sinbad and Me

Kin Platt

Sinbad and Me is a book by Kin Platt.

46348. The Other Side of Love

Gary D. Chapman

The Other Side of Love is a book written by Gary D. Chapman.

46349. Sleeping Dog

Dick Lochte

Sleeping Dog is a book written by Dick Lochte.

46351. Dream Children

A. N. Wilson

Dream Children is a 1998 novel by A. N. Wilson. Owing to his own early encounters, Oliver Gold, a distinguished philosopher, has decided he can only be happy with a child. Oliver, however, moves in with a widow in North London. He makes all the ladies around him fall in love …

46354. Mass

F. Sionil José

Mass, also known as Mass: A Novel, is a 1973 historical and political novel written by Filipino National Artist F. Sionil José. Together with The Pretenders, the Mass is the completion of José’s The Rosales Saga, which is also known as the Rosales Novels. The literary message of …

46355. Sandbar Sinister

Phoebe Atwood Taylor

Sandbar Sinister, first published in 1934, is a detective story by Phoebe Atwood Taylor which features her series detective Asey Mayo, the "Codfish Sherlock". This novel is a mystery of the type known as a whodunnit.

46356. CV

Damon Knight

CV is a 1985 science fiction novel by Damon Knight. It is the first novel in the "Sea Venture Trilogy", and was followed by The Observers and A Reasonable World. The name of novel derives from "The Sea Venture", an enormous, ocean-going habitat. During one its first trips, the …

46358. The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe

The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is a novel by Daniel Defoe, first published in 1719. Just as in its significantly more popular predecessor, Robinson Crusoe, the first edition credits the work's fictional protagonist Robinson Crusoe as its author. It was published under …

46360. Return to Quag Keep

Andre Norton

Return to Quag Keep is a fantasy novel by Andre Norton and Jean Rabe.

46361. Bag Limit

Steven Havill

Bag Limit is a crime novel written by Steven F. Havill. It is a first person view story of a reluctant sheriff of Posados County named Bill Gastner.

46362. Behind the Mystery: Top Mystery Writers Interviewed

Stuart M. Kaminsky

Behind the Mystery: Top Mystery Writers Interviewed by Stuart Kaminsky and Photographed by Laurie Roberts is a book by Stuart M. Kaminsky.

46363. The Lexicon of Comicana

Mort Walker

The Lexicon of Comicana is a 1980 book by the American cartoonist Mort Walker. It was intended as a tongue-in-cheek look at the devices that cartoonists utilize in their craft. In it, Walker invented an international set of symbols called symbolia after researching cartoons …

46364. Undersea Fleet

edited by Frederik Pohl

Undersea Fleet is a book published in 1956 that was written by Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson.

46365. Deepwater Landing

Ken Catran

Deepwater Landing is a book published in 1993 that was written by Ken Catran.

46367. The Solar Pons Omnibus

August Derleth

The Solar Pons Omnibus is a collection of detective fiction stories by author August Derleth. It was released in 1982 by Arkham House in an edition of 3,031 copies. The collection was published in two volumes with a slipcase. The set collects all of the Solar Pons stories of …

46369. Trimalchio's Feast and Other Mini-mysteries

Caroline Lawrence

Trimalchio's Feast and other mini-mysteries is a collection of stories by Caroline Lawrence, published in 2007 as part of the Roman Mysteries series. The stories are set in Ostia and Rome between AD 79 and AD 81, in the intervals of time between the novels. In addition to the …

46372. The Halfling's Gem

R. A. Salvatore

The Halfling's Gem is the third book in The Icewind Dale Trilogy, written by R. A. Salvatore.

46373. The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You

Frank Stanford

The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You is a 15,283-line epic poem by the poet Frank Stanford. First published in 1977 as a 542-page book, the poem is visually characterized by its absence of stanzas and punctuation. Stanford worked on the manuscript for many years prior …

46374. What Happened to Mr. Forster?

Gary W. Bargar

What Happened to Mr. Forster? is a 1981 novel by Gary W. Bargar. It is a story of a young boy's first encounter with the complexities of the adult world. The Alan Review has recommended the novel be taught at the middle-school level. 'It is appropriate for a young audience as it …

46375. The Life I Lead

Keith Banner

The Life I Lead is the debut novel of Keith Banner. It tells the story of David Brewer, married to Tara and with an infant daughter Brittany. Dave is a pedophile and has become attracted to a number of young boys over the years and molested them. He has never been caught. He …

46378. The Design Inference: Eliminating Chance through …

William A. Dembski

The Design Inference: Eliminating Chance through Small Probabilities is a book by American philosopher and mathematician William A. Dembski, a proponent of intelligent design, which sets out to establish approaches by which evidence of intelligent agency could be inferred in …

46380. Bodyguard of Lies

Anthony Cave Brown

Bodyguard of Lies is a 1975 non-fiction book written by Anthony Cave Brown, his first major historical work. Named for a wartime quote of Winston Churchill, it is a narrative account of Allied military deception operations during the Second World War. The British and American …

46381. The Art of Computer Game Design

Chris Crawford

The Art of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford is the first book devoted to the theory of computer and video games. It was originally published in Berkeley, California by McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media in 1984. The original edition is now out-of-print but from 1997 became …

46384. Alien Scream

Chris Archer

Alien Scream is a book published in 1997 that was written by Chris Archer.

46385. Alien Blood

Chris Archer

Alien Blood is a book published in 1997 that was written by Chris Archer.

46389. Walking Rain

Susan Wade

Walking Rain is a book written by Susan Wade.

46394. Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island is an adventure novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, narrating a tale of "buccaneers and buried gold". First published as a book on 14 November 1883 by Cassell & Co., it was originally serialized in the children's magazine Young Folks between 1881 …

46399. The Beginner's Goodbye

Anne Tyler

The Beginner's Goodbye is a book written by Anne Tyler.

46400. Prodigy: A Legend Novel

Marie Lu

Respect the Legend. Idolize the Prodigy. Celebrate the Champion. But never underestimate the Rebel. With unmatched suspense and her signature cinematic storytelling, #1 New York Times–bestselling author Marie Lu plunges readers back into the unforgettable world of Legend for a …

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