The most popular books in English
from 71401 to 71600

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

71599. Judaism in a Secular Age

Yaakov Malkin

Secular Humanistic Judaism has existed as an alternative in Jewish life for over 100 years. for most of its history, it was an informal option, with a wide variety of movements: Zionism, Yiddish nationalism and Bundism. They created Jewish schools, reading circles and cultural …

71600. Stars of Fortune (Guardians Trilogy)

Nora Roberts

BOOK ONE OF THE GUARDIANS TRILOGY To celebrate the rise of their new queen three goddesses of the moon created three stars one of fire one of ice one of water But then they fell from the sky putting the fate of all worlds in danger And now three women and three men join forces …

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