Портокал с часовников механизъм

Dystopia, Novel by Антъни Бърджес


Great Music, it said, and Great Poetry would like quieten Modern Youth down and make Modern Youth more Civilized. Civilized my syphilised yarbles.

A vicious fifteen-year-old droog is the central character of this 1963 classic. In Anthony Burgess's nightmare vision of the future, where the criminals take over after dark, the story is told by the central character, Alex, who talks in a brutal invented slang that brilliantly renders his and his friends' social pathology. A Clockwork Orange is a frightening fable about good and evil, and the meaning of human freedom. When the state undertakes to reform Alex to "redeem" him, the novel asks, "At what cost?" This edition includes the controversial last chapter not published in the first edition and Burgess's introduction "A Clockwork Orange Resucked."

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Kudos to the writer of this book. You did an amazing job. Why don't you try to publish your book in NovelStar? A lot of readers will love your work, judging from the book I just read.

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Único en cuanto a su crudeza, el vocabulario empleado por los personajes es totalmente llamativo.

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Muitoo bom! Mas o final do livro tem uma posição completamente diferente da obra do Kubrick. Vale muitíssimo a pena ler!

0 Responses posted in January
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