Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import books which I can not find on the website?

You should be able to import pretty much any book which is available in libraries. Just give it a try at the bottom of any search for a book.

Most books don't have the cover I know

Books get often published in different editions and with different covers. Soon you will be able to choose the cover you like - we simply didn't implement it yet.

How do I make friends on Readgeek

To connect with friends go to friend finder and search for the email address, user name or real name of the Readgeek member you are looking for. At the members profile you find the button for befriending.

What is your motivation to run Readgeek?

In the first place we want to recommend good books. Simply because we believe that books can be an important part of education and culture as well as self-development. We also want to have an income - hence we placed links to online book companies. They give us a commission for every book sold when they can see that a customer came from Since those earnings are quite meager we also placed ads on the website :(