About us

Uwe Pilz, Founder

Books are the biggest adventures there are. And all we need are the right ones. If you pick the wrong one, reading can get boring and exhausting quickly. And this problem Readgeek can solve. During a trip of two weeks through the Himalaya mountains with really unsuitable books in my backpack I had plenty of time to come up with an idea how to prevent this next time. So the Himalaya is kind of the foundation of Readgeek ;)

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Viktor Nübel, Grafic Design
Web design and letter press is what I do. As a grafic designer I draft and compose web projects and digital fonts. At times I also have enough time for reading. At Readgeek I am responsible for the visual part.

Readgeek: readvik
Twitter: @viktornuebel
Web: viktornuebel.com