Det syvende kors

by Anna Seghers
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Anna Seghers' novel The Seventh Cross, is one of the better-known examples of German literature circa World War II. It was published first in the United States, in an abridged version, in September 1942 by Little, Brown and Company. Its publication was surrounded by a certain amount of fanfare; by the end of September, there were already plans for a comic strip version of The Seventh Cross, it having already been selected as a Book-of-the-Month Club book. According to Dorothy Rosenberg, who wrote the afterword for the 1987 Monthly Review Press edition, statistics indicate that 319,000 copies of The Seventh Cross were sold in the first twelve days alone, and the novel was printed in German, Russian, Portuguese, Yiddish and Spanish by 1943. A film version starring Spencer Tracy and produced by MGM premiered in 1944; a publicity stunt, in which MGM organized a pretend "manhunt" for a Tracy look-alike in seven cities for the public to take part in, accompanied the normal film promotions.

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