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Stäppvargen är en roman av Hermann Hesse som publicerades 1927 av S. Fischer Verlag. Den räknas som Hesses mest lästa roman.
Som merparten av Hermann Hesses böcker bär Stäppvargen tydliga influenser från sagan. Romanen är starkt influerad av psykoanalys. Hesse gick i terapi för Carl Gustav Jung. Romanen har påfallande likheter med Hesses roman Peter Camenzind.

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A fairly lopsided feeling book, but I feel that's mainly because I don't have the cultural context for half of the book. While most of the book is about the turmoil oil of man and his conflict with finding identity and the purpose of finding it at all, the other half deals with references to Goethe and Mozart and other famous Germans, none of which I ever had to learn about or even knew much of. Maybe i'll think higher of this book once I understand the references, but as for the moment i'll have to stick to appreciating it based only on the parts that didn't feel like a completely different language.

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