Arkham Horror: Dance of the Damned (Arkham Horror Novels)

by Alan Bligh


A grim dance has begun, and for Miskatonic University librarian Daisy Walker, it is a dance of memory, one that will awaken a horrible nightmare she hoped would stay long forgotten. When an unexpected letter from an estranged friend arrives, Daisy is quickly pulled into an unraveling mystery in Kingsport, Massachusetts - a place where her memory will not be the only thing haunting her dreams. Now, her fate will intertwine with that of world-weary bounty hunter Tony Morgan. The elusive Copperhead Industries wants their stolen secret back, and through manipulation and blackmail, they have secured Tony's acclaimed talents. But this recovery job has quickly turned into one of survival, and this time it's not only Tony's life that hangs in the balance, but the fate of the entire world! From New York City to Kingsport, Massachusetts, Dance of the Damned follows a harrowing search for truth in the midst of eldritch horror.

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